The Comforting Picture That Eased Her Concerns

She was worried about her independent mother transitioning into a nursing home. The Lord sent a sign to ease her anxiety.


The Comforting Picture That Eased Her Concerns

Choosing a nursing home for my independent mother was the hardest thing I ever had to do. For months I’d been flying back and forth between my home in Dayton, Ohio, and St. Louis, Mo., where Mom was. She’d always insisted on living on her own, but that was becoming impossible. The doctor confirmed my worst fears: She was showing signs of senility. Clearly Mom needed round-the-clock care, but I hated the thought of making such an important decision all on my own.

Finally, I found a nursing home that seemed to stand out from the rest. One November day I helped Mom move in and then went outside to do some thinking. Did I do right for her, Lord? I wondered. The sky was a breathtaking blue. I reached into my purse and pulled out my instant camera. Pointing it at the sky, I took a picture, a picture of peace.

Back in Dayton, I kept close tabs on Mom’s transition into her new home. To my relief, everything seemed to go smoothly: She liked the staff and quickly made friends. When I returned to St. Louis a few weeks later, Mom said, “I’m so happy here.” We spent the afternoon together, and I took plenty of pictures, finishing up the roll I’d started on my previous visit.

I got the photos developed when I got home. Flipping to the picture I’d taken of the sky, I remembered how anxious I’d been about choosing Mom’s nursing home on my own. But wait… what was that? I brought the photograph up closer to my nose. I saw an angel’s face in the clouds, looking down from the vivid blue sky. “You see,” the Lord seemed to be saying, “I was with you all along.”

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