The Heaven-Sent Concert Tickets

Months after losing her sister to cancer, she won tickets to see their favorite band perform.

- Posted on Jun 4, 2019

A pair of tickets to a Journey concert

I sighed and leaned back in my glider, content to sit by the Ohio River with my husband beside me. Music buzzed lazily from the radio in our camper. Brian had driven us to our favorite getaway spot for some rest and relaxation. He knew I needed it.

My little sister, Tracy, had died of brain cancer a few months earlier. Throughout her battle she had maintained what we called a “Don’t Stop Believin’” attitude because that song kept her going. I wanted to keep alive my happy memories of her.

“I heard that Journey is touring,” I mentioned to Brian.

“Do you want to go?” he asked.

I shrugged and got up from my glider. It would feel strange to go without Tracy.

I stepped into the camper just as the DJ came on the air. “We’ve got a pair of Journey tickets,” she said, “for the tenth caller who can answer this question: “True or false? ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ is the most downloaded song ever on iTunes.”

True! That’s true! I grabbed my phone and dialed as fast as I could. It rang and rang and finally…“Hi, what’s your name?” the DJ said.

“Jackie Waters,” I said. “And it’s true! My sister and I listened to that song so much, we helped get it to be number one.”

“Congratulations,” she said. “You won the tickets!”

I knew that Tracy would want Brian and me to go, and I’d take some advice from Journey and hold onto this feeling. Our concert tickets were truly heaven-sent.

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