The Story behind ‘An Angel Named Bill'

How a story about an angel escorting an elderly mom to heaven came to be published in Angels on Earth.

Posted in , Jul 20, 2016

The story behind "An Angel Named Bill" which appeared in Angels on Earth magazine

This month, in the July/August issue of Angels on Earth magazine, we have a lovely story called, "An Angel Named Bill," about an angel who escorted an elderly woman to heaven. I've known the author of that story, Sam McGarrity, for years. 

Sam McGarrityWe worked together when I first started out at Guideposts, and in the true Southern tradition of her roots, Sam told the best stories in the office. She had a way of talking in long sentences, giving every detail of a happening, all in her sweet, slow drawl. When she recently told me this story about Angel Bill escorting her mother to heaven more than a decade ago, I nearly fell off my chair.

"You know how much we love escorting angel stories here, Sam," I said. "What took you so long to tell it?"

Sam thought. I was patient, like her.

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"I wanted to keep it just for me for a while. So I could treasure the truth of it before I sat down to write it out. I had to tell it just right because it's so much more than a story."

Sam is so right. It is so much more than a story.

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