Walking with Friends

Walking with Friends

She started taking photos of her new neighborhood–and it made all the difference.

A Christmas wreath

The day my husband and I moved into our house, we were greeted by a thick blanket of snow. Not exactly motivating weather for my first “walk and talk”–my daily stroll and prayer time–in my new neighborhood. Still, I laced up my sneakers and headed out.

We were just 20 minutes from our former bustling city, yet it was a different world! There were endless fields of corn. Rolling pastures. Long, tree-lined roads. I couldn’t wait to see more.

The next day I pulled on some boots and brought my camera. Back home I posted a photo on Facebook of a striking fuchsia sunrise over nearby Berlin Lake. “Saw God’s handiwork during my walk and talk,” I wrote. Maybe a few folks would “like” it.

My friend Jan was first. “Beautiful!”

“Lovely! Where are ‘we’ walking tomorrow?” Pat added. Their words encouraged me to share more. I posted a cardinal and mourning dove.

“This made my workday better,” Lynn said.

Before long I had an entire photo album: deer frolicking, a bold red Joy sign that decorated my neighbor’s yard, horses grazing, a Christmas wreath on our front porch.

And I’ve collected a team of Facebook “walkers and talkers” to pray for me and cheer me on. What’s more motivating than that?

A beautiful sunset A pair of robins Joy sign
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