What Is an Angel?

Even in the middle of busy New York, angels have a way of popping up unannounced...

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The cover of What Is an Angel? by Adrienne Falzon

When you work at a magazine about angels, you become sort of a magnet for angels. Yes, even in the middle of busy New York, angels are likely to pop up unannounced. I never know where our next story (or our next angel) might come from.

A couple of weeks ago one flew right into my office in the form of Adrienne Falzon. Adrienne loved angels so much she dropped by the office to chat about them—and she left behind a nice surprise.

What Is an Angel? is a picture book that tells the story of a girl named Olivia, whose whole class is making Christmas angels for their tree at school, and it gets Olivia thinking: What is an angel, exactly? Luckily her wise aunt Rose is there to give her the answers she needs.

The story is beautifully illustrated by Helen M. Salzberg. Needless to say there are plenty of heavenly angels in these pages, and they’ve had a wonderful effect on the author herself. For every copy of the book sold through ShopGuideposts.com, Adrienne will donate proceeds to help support Guideposts’ Comfort Kits program.

Comfort Kits are boxes full of goodies that are distributed to children in hospitals to help liven up their stay, with a cuddly stuffed star named Sparkle, a peaceful CD of piano music, stickers, crayons and prayer cards. The kids are reminded of every angel’s favorite message: You are loved.

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