Features About Angels

Woman smiling

She Found Comfort in Counting Blessings

A woman's fears are eased away when she encounters a young man with a list of reasons to smile.

Two geese landing in a pond.

A Miraculous Pair of Geese Appear Just in Time for Spring

Randi worried about how her sister's surgery would go until she was comforted by two familiar geese and some unexpected company.

An angel who bakes cakes

An Angel Who Bakes

A morning commute is brightened by an uplifting article about the pastry chef for God’s Love We Deliver.

My Furry Valentine

My Furry Valentine

February 14 was a perfect day to help 14 tender creatures

Angel in th OR

Angel in the Operating Room

“Don’t take your eyes off mine,” the angel said...

Angel in our house

Angel in Our House

I felt a presence I just couldn't explain.

Becky and Todd with little Samuel smiling

An Adoptee from China Finds Peace in His Mother's Singing

A mother finds her son half a world away and he is comforted by a familiar lullaby.

Illustration of cats and dogs dressed warmly

A Woman's Valentine's Day Mission to the Animal Shelter

February 14 was a perfect day to help 14 tender creatures

Kitty McCaffrey's Christmas angel

The Perfect Christmas Angel

Were there no surprises left for me?

Angels escort a loved one to heaven.

Angels Escort a Loved One to Heaven

A story from a Guideposts reader that angel lovers will cherish.