Paul standing by the Angelina sign in front of his business.

A Special Angel Helped Him Open His Dream Restaurant

His mom provided the inheritance and amazing Italian recipes.  

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An artist's rendering of a firefighter peering up at the stairway of heaven.

On 9/11 She Saw an Angel Escort a Young Fireman to Heaven

The divine vision comforted her during and after the terrorist attacks. 

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A divine light seen from underwater.

A Little Girl's Glimpse of Heaven

She was taught to believe heaven wasn't real until a timely accident proved otherwise.

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An artist's rendering of a rose pendant.

How an Answered Prayer Found Her Family Heirloom

Her prayers were answered when she asked God to help her find her treasured pendant.

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A scene from 'The Shack'

6 Inspiring Movies About Heaven and the Afterlife

Journey to heaven and back with these otherworldly films.

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Norah as an angel with a large cupcake in hand.

An Earth Angel at the Grocery Store

Her young daughter found a true friend on Senior Day while shopping at the supermarket.

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An artist's whimsical rendering of angels at an amusement park

An Angel at the Amusement Park

When the safety bar on a thrilling ride fails, a mysterious stranger is there to save the day.

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An artist's rendering of a sea turtle gliding along underwater

The Sea Turtle That Saved Her from Drowning

Fear overtook her when a strong current carried her away—until God sent her a sea angel.

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A pair of tickets to a Journey concert

The Heaven-Sent Concert Tickets

Months after losing her sister to cancer, she won tickets to see their favorite band perform.

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A close up of a pool as chair line the poolside.

A Heavenly Vision by the Pool

She thought her life was ordinary but a peculiar vision reminded her otherwise.

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A large truck with gleaming headlights in on the road at night.

The Sign from God That Saved Her Life

A truck with a strange set of lights appeared while on a long road trip. But where did the truck disappear to?

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Angel Encounters and Sightings

Angel Encounters and Sightings

Found in pictures, clouds and through people that were never seen again. These are how angels provided them hope and reassurance.

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