Illustration by Chris Buzelli

5 Heartwarming Stories of Animal Angels

Whether it’s a squirrel inspiring hope or an injured dove bringing heaven-sent comfort, these critter tales will encourage and entertain you.

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Illustration by Kim Ekdahl

A Sunflower Project Helped Her Student Thrive

When he planted and cared for the beautiful flowers, she knew that God was helping her to be a nurturing teacher.

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Earl Covey (1876–1952) was a woodsman, guide, builder, innkeeper—and part of Aline’s family.

He Built Memorable Monuments in the Adirondacks

Angels helped Earl Covey overcome tragedy to make a hotel and a church in the mountains that he loved.

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This Artist Was Inspired by Her Famous Ancestor

She’s related to the Renaissance painter Bernardino Lanino. Did he help guide her art career?

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Illustration by Jessica Allen

An Earth Angel at Her Mom's Grocery Store

She remembered her late stepfather’s kindness and wondered if her mother would recover. Until she received a reminder from above.

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Illustration by Amalia Restrepo

A Woman Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ Comforted Her

Her husband was desperately ill. Then she heard the beautiful song from another hospital room.

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Illustration by Trina Dalziel

How Crocheting Became a Connection to Her Late Mother

She had only met her birth mother as an adult. But in the heartfelt dream, she bonded with her mom over her new hobby.

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Illustration by Jesus Sotes

She Prayed for the Courage to Stand Up to Her Ex-Husband

A golden sword inside gave her the heaven-sent strength to confront him.

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A Devoted Father Cherishes Precious Family Memories

A Devoted Father Cherishes Precious Family Memories

After seeing a young family at church, he reminisces about the early days of parenthood.

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Illustration by Eva Vazquez

A Divine Intervention In The Desert

A heaven-sent dune buggy guided them back to safety.

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Illustration by Anna Godeassi

The Tulips Were a Heaven-Sent Sign of Forgiveness

A colorful spring surprise let her know that her late mother-in-law had accepted her peace offering.

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Photo credit: Johnny and Emmy Sundby

How Constant Prayer Gave Her a Miracle Baby

After struggling to have a second child, prayers and her son’s remarkable premonition guided her out of infertility.

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Illustration by Michael Crampton

Her Father Experienced the Heavenly Wonder of Nature

Diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, he continued to bask in the beauty of God’s natural world.

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Illustration by Eleni Kalorkoti

Comforted by Angels After a Martial Arts Match

His son was dejected after losing a big Taekwondo competition in Las Vegas. Then two strangers changed his perspective.

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