Photo credit: Wade Payne

A Heaven-Sent Stranger Helped Her Navigate the Big City

She was overwhelmed by temporarily moving to Baltimore. Then Miss Marcie  made her feel right at home.

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Illustration by Roberto Parada

A Daily Visit By a Fox Family Brought Her Joy

She was still grieving the death of her husband. But then a friendly family of foxes restored her hope.

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Illustration by Anna Kuptsova

A Divine Rescue in The Buffalo River Rapids

Psalm 121 gave her the courage she needed to survive the frightening adventure.

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Illustration by Ricardo Bessa

She Met the Woman She Had Prayed for Decades Earlier

She was a child when she prayed for an angel to watch over a family seen in a newspaper.  Then divine intervention brought them together. 

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Illustration by LULU DUBREUIL

Angels Helped Her Find Her Way Through Europe

She set off on a solo trip to visit her daughter in England. But the anxious traveler soon realized she was never really alone.

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Illustration by Kendra Binney

5 Heavenly Stories About the Joy of Flowers

These angelic messages, passed on through a bud sprouting through the snow or a windowsill plant thriving, will lift your spirits.

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Illustration by Sylvie Fong

How Baking Bread Restored Her Hope in the Future

After her divorce she struggled to find joy and move forward with her life. Then she was gifted an electric bread maker.  

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Illustration by Charles Chaisson

A Nurse’s Angelic Encounter in a Department Store

Memories swirled around her as she shopped in the housewares aisle. But who was the mysterious woman that unexpectedly appeared? 

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Luanne, left and Ginet; Photo credit: Luanne Holzloehner

How Dialing the Wrong Phone Number Gained Her a New Friend

Looking for a ride to church, she misdialed a taxi service—and got just what she needed.

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A Heaven-Sent Miracle Saved His Son’s Life

A mysterious encounter with a peculiar woman reminds him to trust God.

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An illustration of a dog with wings; Illustration by Daniel Long

This Winged-Dog Figurine Brought a Comforting Message

On a getaway to face his wife’s cancer diagnosis they found the trinket that reminded them they could face whatever lies ahead.  

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Illustration of a woman looking up at a church; Illustration by Alex Green

A Heaven-Sent Angel Encouraged Her

She feared she was not up to her new job. Then she looked out her window. 

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An illustration of a cloud forming a parent and child; Illustration by Raul Colon

He Saw His Late Veteran Brother in the Clouds

The touching, heaven-sent image reassured him that angels were always watching over them.

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An illustration of angelic mushrooms; Illustration by Jacqui Langeland

Making Stuffed Mushrooms Became a Time-Honored Tradition

Things changed through the years, but this family recipe remained a Christmas constant—just like God’s grace. 

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