Elvis Presley

7 Mysterious Elvis Presley Stories

How the King of Rock 'n' Roll continues to change lives through divine encounters, heavenly signs and conversations with strangers.

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An angel doll on a bed with other stuffed animals.

The Angel Arrived Right on Time

A little girl feels God's comfort when she needs it most.

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Blue, glowing angels fly up from a Petri dish alongside test tubes.

Angel’s Glow: A Civil War Mystery

The surprising science behind a legend about wounds that glowed in the dark

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Snow angels flying with Cheryl during her crazy snowmobile ride.

Did Angels Protect Her During a Snow Mobile Crash?

She was out of control and heading toward boulders

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Meet the Cover Artist: Lisa Ballard

Meet the Cover Artist: Lisa Ballard

Meet artist Lisa Ballard, whose lifelong love of nature inspired the cover she created for the January-February 2019 issue of Angels on Earth magazine.

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Christmas presents

A Loving, Inexpensive Christmas Present

The most meaningful gifts come from the heart, not the wallet.

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A Pair of Furry Angels

Doubly Blessed by a Pair of Furry Angels

A pure white cat waited for us in the driveway.

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Rodney Smith Jr. brings Christmas cheer to the homeless

A Christmas Angel Hits the Road

Rodney Smith Jr., familiar to Angels on Earth readers, travels the country delivering holiday cheer to the homeless.

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Peggy Rowe's mom with the Orioles' ball girls, mascot and pitcher Kerry Ligtenberg

The Baltimore Orioles Stepped Up to the Plate for This Longtime Fan

She didn't share her 90-year-old mother's passion for baseball, but when her mom fell and broke her hip, Peggy was grateful for the local team's support.

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Angel sighting

A Morning Angel Sighting

A new job, a new commute to work, a new angel.

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Finding love

An Earth Angel Finds Love

Years after surviving a serious head injury, Jennifer Field continues to help other survivors and finds a new source of support for herself.

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Jennifer Field Miller

A Champion Equestrian Gives Back

Following a miraculous recovery from a traumatic brain injury, Jennifer Field Miller now strives to help others in similar circumstances.

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