There's nothing Latral likes to do more than things she couldn't do while in treatment.

Could She Survive Chemo and Find a Bone Marrow Donor?

A leukemia diagnosis threatened her life. She couldn't have guessed a stranger would help save her.

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Vegetable soup in a bowl with ingredients surrounding it.

Mama's Angel Soup

Some things just take time.

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Painting of a man talking to an older woman sitting on a bench by the waterfront.

Angel at Lookout Point

Sitting together on a bench, two strangers crossed paths at just the right moment.

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Saved by an Angel's Embrace

Saved by an Angel's Embrace

Despite the world spinning around me, I felt oddly calm.

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Late Bloomer: Discover Your Talent at Any Age

Late Bloomer: Dreams Have No Age Limit

Some people were born with talent. I wasn’t one of them

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80 person human chain forms to save family on beach

80 Beachgoers Form a Human Chain to Save Family from Drowning

When a family got caught in a rip current in Florida, 80 strangers banded together to save them. 

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Hummingbird from Heaven

The Heaven-Sent Hummingbird

How is a hummingbird like an angel? A widow is about to find out.

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An artist's rendering of a pair of angels in yellow raincoats and caps

Did Angels Help These Boaters in a Dangerous Storm?

She was struggling to help her husband rescue their boat from roiling, stormy waters. Would her prayers for divine assistance be answered?

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An artist's rendering of an angel holding a Disney World snow globe

Her Guardian Angel Came Along for the Ride at Disney World

Everything about her Disney vacation was perfect. So why did God pick now to show her she had a guardian angel by her side?

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A bird transforming into a flock of angels in the sky.

Angel on My Evening Walk

For a long moment I couldn’t move. I’d never felt so peaceful. So cared for. So loved in a personal way.

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A white feather on sand

Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near

My friend insisted that feathers were the sign of angels. Was she right?

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Illustration of a white cat with glowing eyes

A Little Lost Angel Cat

God wants me to do something, I thought. But what?

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