Close-up of a white-necked jacobin drinking nectar from a flower. This species is also known as great jacobin or collared hummingbird.

He Found Strength Through Hummingbirds

This documentary filmmaker found a world of inspiration in the tiniest package.

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A mother angel holding her daughter in her arms.

Did She Get a Glimpse of Heavenly Love?

She faced serious complications after giving birth, but she was not afraid.

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An illustration depicting Lou Dean as 'Rosie the Riveter'

Did She See an Angel at Work?

She was the only female engineer on her team, but that was the least of her problems.

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Illustration depicting Elvis Presley with large angel wings as he performs,

A Sign from Heaven She Was in the Right Place

Why in the world was she being drawn to Tennessee?

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Seeing Angels

The 18th-century theological thinker Swedenborg offers a lovely lesson in prayer.

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Garage sale

The Amazing Return of an Angel Pin

On a low-energy day, a guardian angel reminder from God

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Suzanne Spaak during World War II

Suzanne Spaak's Courageous Acts Saved Hundreds of Children During the Holocaust

Suzanne Spaak refused to sit idly by as the Nazis began their reign of terror. Her courageous efforts helped to save the lives of numerous Jewish children.

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An artist's rendering of a snoozing dog with angel wings

A Lesson Learned from a Faithful Dog

She shares her love of animals and the lessons they teach her with local youth.

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With parents in the back row, grandparents on either end, the Burklew kids take center stage.

Adopting a Child Was in God's Plan

Could this baby by the police station be the child that they were looking for?

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Frenchie sitting in a meadow full of wildflowers in Pescadero, San Mateo County, California, USA.

A Heaven-Sent Puppy

After losing their beloved pooch, this couple refused to get another one. This adorable pup instantly changed their minds for the better.

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Polaroid pictures of a sunset piled on top of a leather journal.

The Comforting Picture That Eased Her Concerns

She was worried about her independent mother transitioning into a nursing home. The Lord sent a sign to ease her anxiety.

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Ambulance van on the highway

God's Angels Save the Day

The people around her seemed to be dispatched from heaven.

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