An illustration of a lush, green golf course; Illustration by Makoto Funatsu

In Her Dream, Heaven Looked Like a Beautiful Golf Course

Her late father gave her a comforting glimpse of life after death.

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Illustration by © Phil,

This Single Mom Became Handy at Fixing Up the House

With her supermom’s toolbox—and the help of everyday angels around her—she felt confident and grateful.  

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Illustration by Daniel Liévano

He Learned a Valuable Lesson About Tithing and Faith

The student pastor was worried about paying his bills. Then two earth angels provided heaven-sent reassurance.

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Illustration by Aaron Griffin

An Angel Guided Them To the Right Trail

The hiking group had gotten lost in the Appalachian Mountains. Then a mysterious man saved the day.

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An illustration of a sea angel; Illustration by Janet Stein

A Divine Message from a Mermaid

She longed for reassurance from above. Then she started seeing mermaid images everywhere.

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Illustration of a girl flying a kite; Illustration by Anna Godeassi

5 Comforting Stories of Angel Encounters with Children

Whether it’s a heavenly reminder or an earth angel playing Santa, these reassuring accounts are nothing short of angelic.

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A mature female angel; Illustration by Anna Kuptsova

A Divine Visitor Prayed Over Her Father In The Hospital

Who was the mysterious angel who appeared when her dad was all alone? 

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Illustration by Amalia Restrepo

His Guardian Angels Protected Him During a Car Accident

The little boy—who slept through the crash—was lucky to be alive.

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An illustration of an angel in the bayou; Illustration by Carmen Garcia

This Bayou Angel Gave Her Strength and Courage

She had lost all confidence while going through a tumultuous divorce. Then a heaven-sent guardian appeared.

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Illustration by Kim Johnson

A Mother’s Heartfelt Note of Love

The handwritten note was as comforting and reassuring as an angel’s wing.

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Illustration by Julia White/iStock/Getty Images Plus

These Mosquitos Became Unlikely Angelic Messengers

He needed a jolt of energy while driving on the family’s long road trip. The solution had the family buzzing for years.

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An illustration of a man in a library with a book in his hand; Illustration by Alex Green

A Heaven-Sent Angel at the Mall

The mysterious words of wisdom seemed to follow him on his job search.

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Illustration by Amalia Restrepo

A Woman Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ Comforted Her

Her husband was desperately ill. Then she heard the beautiful song from another hospital room.

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Illustration by Trina Dalziel

How Crocheting Became a Connection to Her Late Mother

She had only met her birth mother as an adult. But in the heartfelt dream, she bonded with her mom over her new hobby.

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