Illustration by Lucy Rose

How Doves Helped Her Overcome Her Grief

After losing her son, she found comfort and hope by watching these beautiful birds. 

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An artist's rendering of Farrah Faucett hair with angel wings scattered in.

The Hairdresser Who Answered Her Prayer

After battling cancer, she found hope from the kindness of a special stylist—and that famous Farrah Fawcett hairdo.

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An artist's rendering of an after shave lotion bottle with angel wings.

A Familiar Scent Was a Heaven-Sent Message

When she suddenly smelled her late father’s aftershave, she knew it was a sign to seek medical help.  

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An angel with jam ingredients.

How Making Homemade Jam Brought Their Family Together

Sharing a traditional family recipe was a sweet way to forge bonds with her new extended family.

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An artist's rendering of an angel sitting on a beach.

An Angelic Fisherman Saved His Life

He had given up hope and wandered into the ocean. Then he heard somebody call his name.

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Shawn and Christina Jobes with their daughter, Audrey.

This Expectant Mom Found Joy Despite Financial Turmoil

She lost her job and her medical insurance and her husband wasn't working. But she realized that one thing could not be taken from her: her faith. 

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Illustration of an angel and three bunnies

4 Heartwarming Animal Angel Stories

They may be disguised in whiskers, feathers or fur, but God's angels are often surrounding us.

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Illustration of three angels

The Angels That Helped Her Say Goodbye to Her Dad

Scared and unwilling to let her father go, she found strength through four angelic beings at his bedside.

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Illustration of an angel at a junkyard

The Junkyard Angel Who Came to The Rescue

Trapped in an ice cream truck with his friend after skipping Sunday School, a young boy turns to prayer.

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Two angels engoy a spring flight

Happy Spring from Angels on Earth

We hope you'll share this inspiring angel video with friends and loved ones!

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Illustration of two angels praying

An Easter Miracle: The Two Angels Who Brought Her Son Back

Unsure if her son would ever walk or talk again after a car accident, she never stopped praying.

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Illustration of a horse and his angel

The Angels That Protected Her Horse Farm

She had doubts about running her equine therapy business, until angels reminded her she was not alone.

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