An artist's rendering of a young girl peering out of an airplane window.

Guardian Angels Saved This Pilot

After a scary flight with his family through thick clouds, he made a miraculous landing. 

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Illustration of a dolphin

A Heavenly Dolphin Encounter

It was her family's first summer trip without her mom...or was it?

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An artist's rendering of the gates of heaven.

His Glimpse of the Gates of Heaven Was Her Blessing

How a husband's journey to the afterlife and back consoled his wife for the second time.

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Illustration of two lifeguards

The Two Angels That Saved Her from Drowning

Caught in a riptide and struggling to breathe, she didn't think she'd make it back to shore alive.

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An artist's rendering of cherubs frolicking on a tomato vine

Home-Grown Roma Tomatoes Inspired a Return to Her Culinary Roots

A new mother of three, she had little time for kitchen creativity, but tackling her mother's (and grandmother's) pasta sauce brought rich rewards.

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The lifesaving photo of Doug climbing a muscadine vine as Buddy Earl looks on

God Sent a Boy's Big Sister to the Rescue

He was 10 years old and in way over his head...

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Four-Leaf Clover

A Lesson in Faith from a Four-Leaf Clover

This mother of four found a special way to teach her children about the value of positive thinking. 

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Sharif Tarabay's illustration depicting cherubs in the sky.

7 Angels of Comfort in Trying Times

If you’re struggling with feelings of loss due to the pandemic, there's solace in our gallery of hopeful quotes and angelic illustrations.

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A lawnmower

The Lawn Mower Miracle

A tractor accident could've been much worse, if not for the angel riding beside her.

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The Friend He'll Never Forget

The little girl he met in the ICU reminded him that everyone needs an angel looking out for them. 

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A Message She Needed To Hear

She was once embarrassed by her father's job with the railroad until a stranger helped her view his legacy in a new light. 

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A family in their car on road trip

The Vacation Disaster That Renewed Her Faith

She hoped a getaway would be the answer to her problems, but it was the words of a stranger that fixed everything. 

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