Inspiring health quotes can be the difference between thinking about healthy living and actually taking steps to make your lifestyle healthier. Quotes about health point out what's at stake in how you choose to inhabit your body. Let health quotes point you in a healing, vibrant direction.

Tom Hanks Quote, Health

Floss. Start watching the blood sugars now, you idiot! And just calm down, would you? Calm down...You'll be okay. You'll get there.

Tom Hanks, actor


Pray not for the healing of your body, but rather the healing of your soul. For the body is temporary, but the soul is eternal. And with the healing of the soul, the body will follow.

Stowe Dailey Shockey


The way I deal with arthritis is to keep moving. As long as you can play hard tennis, as long as you can ski or ride a horse—all kinds of things can come your way. As long as you can do it.

Robert Redford


The Great Physician still makes house calls.

Loretta Gault

Health Quote by Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.

I think the wave of the future will not be to rely specifically on prayer or specifically on medicine or surgery. We need to get beyond this either/or way of looking at things and say they both work—they are compatible.

Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.

Health Quote by Rabbi David J. Wolpe

Throughout my illness, I prayed. My prayer was answered not because I lived; my prayer was answered because I felt better able to cope with my sickness.

Rabbi David J. Wolpe

Health Quote by Rabbi Arnold Gluck

You can’t die cured, but you can die healed….understanding…that death is not a betrayal of life but a part of it.

Rabbi Arnold Gluck

Health Quote by Michael J. Fox

I went from patient to advocate in a day. The feeling of being able to serve….to be able to offer up my story as much as it is uncomfortable, it’s a tremendous privilege.

Michael J. Fox