Perseverance is an important skill to cultivate. It is what drives us to better ourselves and achieve our goals. Quotes about perseverance are a wonderful source of inspiration for those moments when perseverance can feel just out of reach. Turning to perseverance quotes is a reliable way to shore up your inner reserves and get back to the work at hand.

Always remember no matter how many people say no, all you need to find is one single person to say yes. Just one person.

Hannah Storm

Failure? I never encountered it. All I ever met were temporary setbacks.

Dottie Walters

Endings are beginnings—if we allow them to be.

Laura Day

All my life I’ve believed in myself. And I have never given up.

Curtis Pride

There is only one job where you can start at the top, and that is digging a hole.

Guideposts reader Verona Hiland, Sun City, Arizona

A hero is someone who over and over does the right thing even though no one is there to witness it.

Bob Kerrey

So when you fail, relax. Fail again. Fail faster. You’re doing wonders for yourself. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons that will allow you to go farther and farther in your journey.

Art Berg

If the stable gate is closed, climb the fence.

Julie Krone

Watch the turtle. He only moves forward by sticking his neck out.

Louis Gerstner

Once you are really challenged, you find something in yourself. Man doesn’t know what he is capable of until he is asked.

Kofi Annan

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

Bill Bradley

(The movie) is the story of my life, but it’s not about me. It’s about anybody who ever dreamed big and had someone tell them, ‘No, you can’t do it.’ You can.

Chris Gardner