Having a positive outlook is as good for your health and wellness as it is for the world you inhabit. Quotes about positivity can give voice to your dedication to see light and love in the world. Bring a positive quote on your daily journey, and watch your upbeat outlook shine. The power of positive quotes to inspire positive thinking can't be underestimated.

We do something for someone else that we may not even remember but can cause that other person's life to turn in some way that's positive.

Ann Curry

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Seen on a bumper sticker in Northborough, Massachusetts

You are powerful when you are positive, and you are even more powerful when you share your positivity with others.

Jon Gordon

Today choose forgiveness over self-pity. Choose vulnerability over putting up walls. Choose joy over fear.

Alina Paliy

Be a yea-sayer.

M.J. Ryan

Prejudice is jumping to exclusions.

Hazel Brightbill

Positive thinking is not about expecting the best to happen every time, but accepting that whatever happens is the best for the moment.

Lori Schneider

If you habituated your mind to notice the bad, you've got to work to find the good. Ask yourself: What can you appreciate right now? What could the upside be? How might this turn out well? How can you contribute to a positive outcome?

M. J. Ryan

Home lies in the things you carry with you everywhere and not the things you tie down.

Pico Iyer

When in doubt, be kind.

Scott Stabile

Enjoy life. Be healthy. Share a smile.

Don't withhold kindness until you are confident it will be reciprocated. You might wait forever.

Edward Viljoen