Your spiritual life is relevant to everything you do. Spiritual quotes can help you share your spiritual outlook with those in your life and community. Quotes about spirituality can also bolster your commitment to infusing every day with your spiritual values. Carry a spiritual quote with you to stay connected to your beliefs and practices.

Grace woke you up this morning, grace started you on your way and grace enabled you to survive until this very moment.

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

When there is nothing left but God, that is when you see that God is all you need.

Nadine Mooney

God is the great physician. His specialty is heart transplants.

Church sign, Eden, Georgia

May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings.

Irish proverb

There is no moment, ever, that does not either hold an opportunity or a lesson that God is offering.

Lee Jampolsky

If God is your copilot, maybe you should change seats.

Susan Hightower

Grace is uncontrollable, arbitrary to our senses, apparently unmerited. It is utterly free, ferociously strong, and about as mysterious a thing as you could imagine.

Brian Doyle

We do not need to seek to become unique or rehearse to become diverse. God made us that way.

Glen A. Johnson

We want lives of simple, predictable ease—smooth, even trails as far as the eye can see—but God likes to go off-road.

Tony Snow

Go with the flow, but pray God keeps you afloat.

Angela Martinez

“What God leads me to, God leads me through.”

Rev. Gardiner Rapelye, Jr.

God doesn’t need your capabilities. He needs your availability.

Dorothy L. Brooks