Your spiritual life is relevant to everything you do. Spiritual quotes can help you share your spiritual outlook with those in your life and community. Quotes about spirituality can also bolster your commitment to infusing every day with your spiritual values. Carry a spiritual quote with you to stay connected to your beliefs and practices.

You remember how you were taught to write. Your mother put a pencil in your hand, took your hand in hers, and began to move it. Since you did not know at all what she meant to do, you left your hand completely free in hers. This is like the power of God in our lives.

Anthony Bloom

We must surround ourselves, in all our lives, with the fortress of community. Sometimes faith works, sometimes ritual works, but always, God is with us when we are there and care for one another.,

Claudia Highbaugh

Blessings can come in a number of ways. The Lord doesn’t give you what you want, the Lord gives you what you need.

Eric Davis

Were it not for the relationship I have with Christ, the world surely would have run me down by now….Certainly I’ll never find the level of compassion Christ carried, but trying to learn that compassion is enough to carry me through.

Bret Lott

I’ve often thought, I’m nobody. Why would God answer my prayer? But God’s not impressed by eloquence; he’s impressed by our longing for him.

Stormie Omartian

Science, you might say, has discovered that our existence is infinitely improbable, and hence a miracle.

John Horgan

I’m Jewish, but I believe what Christ said: ‘What you do for the least of my people, you do for me.’

Arnold Abbott

Heaven is going to be a vast, colorful tapestry of living things. God is a God of life….Does this seem too childish and silly to believe? I certainly hope so, because that’s a sure sign that it’s true.

Anthony Destefano

Just keep asking, ‘God if I can’t have what I want, then help me to know what it is you want me to have.’ Know in your heart there is a treasure much greater than the one you have been asking for.

John E. Welshons