Wisdom is a journey, not a destination. Along the way, let inspiring wisdom quotes keep you focused on noticing and pursuing wisdom in any form and from any source. Quotes about wisdom won't make you wise, but they will remind you that there is always more to learn. With wisdom quotes, you are connected to the intelligence of those who came before you.

What is charity? It is silence—when your words would hurt.  It is patience—when your neighbor's curt.  It is deafness—when a scandal flows.  It is thoughtfulness—for other's woes.  It is promptness—when duty calls.  It is courage—when misfortune falls.

Seen in a missionary newsletter

The fellow who does things that count doesn't usually stop to count them.

David C. Cook

Those who judge us don't matter.  Those who matter don't judge us.

Elly Derr

The reason I don't retire is that I learn something new every day. The brain has to be exercised the same as the rest of the body. It's about expanding, constantly pushing yourself.

Actor Clint Eastwood

Turn your wounds into wisdom.

Oprah Winfrey

Imagination trumps knowledge.

Edward Grinnan

Just like the many colors of roses, we may be of different nationalities, ethnicities, religions or race. But no matter what color a rose may be, it is still a rose, and likewise we are all human beings first.

Sushil Koirala

Good manners beget good manners. Old-fashioned qualities like integrity, honor and character—no matter how old you are—are qualities that never go out of style.

Katie Couric

There is no greater toxin to the soul than the self-expectation of perfection. It means we’re trying to steal from God something only he can possess.

Edward Grinnan

Life is like a long chain stitch. If you don’t take time to tie off all the loose ends, it can easily come unraveled.

Barbara Stockdill

Letting go of a need for control by turning away from magical thinking and fantasy, by fearlessly excepting the reality we are faced with, that is the blessing of acceptance.

Edward Grinnan

The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you're learning you're not old.

Rosalyn S. Yalow