Inspiring Stories

Actor John Corbett

John Corbett: The Importance of Saying Yes

His surprising journey from steelworker to actor, the moment that changed his life, and his movie All Saints

Farmer Michael Hayden stands proudly on the grounds of Folklore Farm in Cherryfield, Maine

He Shares His Love of Farming—and His Crops—with Local Schoolchildren

A Maine farmer shares his love of the land—and the food that comes from it—with local schoolchildren.

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80 person human chain forms to save family on beach

80 Beachgoers Form a Human Chain to Save Family from Drowning

When a family got caught in a rip current in Florida, 80 strangers banded together to save them. 

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Joshua Coombes giving haircut to  homeless person

This Traveling Hairstylist Transforms the Homeless

London-based hairstylist Joshua Coombes started the #DoSomethingForNothing movement to inspire others to give back

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A silver locket cements a divinely inspired friendship.

The Best Friends Locket

How a divinely inspired friendship led to a miraculous domino effect

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How to let God work through you.

Keeping a Clean Heart and Spirit

If your spiritual life gets bogged down, all you have to do is ask for help.

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A daughter supports a mother at church.

A Stunningly Beautiful Gesture in Church

Witnessing the tenderness of support between a disabled mother and her daughter at the communion rail.

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10 Ways That Music Is a Gift

10 Ways That Music Is a Gift

How music soothes, energizes and inspires us

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Aspire to inspire others

Aspire to Inspire Others

Your personal experience and story may touch one person–or even thousands.

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Finding Jesus in everyday moments.

Looking for Signs of Jesus in Everyday Life

There are moments when God feels vividly present, in an unexpected note, an act of kindness or a beautiful sunset.

Sizing up a problem

Putting a Problem in Perspective

Big feelings do not necessarily equal big problems.

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Therapy Dogs Help Children with Autism at the Dentist

Therapy Dogs Help Children with Autism at the Dentist

For kids with autism, a trip to the dentist can be extra stressful. Here's how one office is making it fun.

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God's words are just for you.

God’s Words Are Just for You

In the Bible are divine messages that are always appropriate and always enough.

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An artist's rendering of plastic bags and a multicolored plasic floormat

Someone Cares: From Bags to Blessings

A group of women comes up with a way to reuse plastic bags that benefits the homeless in their community.

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