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Christmas star

Waiting for the Light of Christmas

In the darkness of Advent, praying for the light of Christ to shine

Wounded Vet Bryan Anderson Talks Overcoming Obstacles

Wounded Vet Bryan Anderson Talks Overcoming Obstacles

Wounded veteran Bryan Anderson shares how he approaches overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 

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George W. Bush saying goodbye to his father, George H.W. Bush

The Power of Unconditional Love

How George W. Bush expressed a son’s deep and abiding love for his late father.

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New Year's fun with a group of friends and sparklers.

6 Ways to Build Hope in the New Year

Change your attitude with these tips to help you hang on to hope in the New Year.

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Apollo 8 astronauts James Lovell, William Anders and Frank Borman (from left)

Merry Christmas from the Moon: An Inspiring Message of Hope and Faith

On December 24, 1968, the crew of Apollo 8, while orbiting the moon, shared an inspiring Christmas message with the world.

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A Guideposts staffer shares a Christmas memory

Guideposts Staffers Share What Christmas Means to Them

Four Guideposts staffers read from Guideposts' The Joys of Christmas 2018 and share their favorite memories of the season.

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Hanukkah candles

How Hanukkah Teaches Us to Cast the World in Positive Light

The “Festival of Lights” builds from darkness into bright beauty.

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Smiling at a store clerk

Simple Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

A kind word, a smile or simply listening may deliver a message of love and grace to those in need.

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The bread of life

Unexpectedly Finding the Bread of Life

A Sunday afternoon full of good art, good food and revelations of Jesus.

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Candace Payne

Chewbacca Mom Now: Candace Payne Opens Up about Trusting God and Saying No

Candace Payne talks about joy, her latest project and what happened after her unexpected fame.

Wax Buffalo candle creator Alicia with her kids [from left]: Navy, Oxley and Satchel

Her Grandmother's Love of Candles Inspired Her to Launch a Business

She lost her job just when her baby needed surgery, but her grandmother gave her hope.

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Alicia Reisinger, founder and owner of the candle company Wax Buffalo

Alicia Reisinger on How Her Grandmother Inspired Her to Aim High

Listen as the founder and owner of the candle company Wax Buffalo shares how her fierce, faithful grandmother inspired her to pursue her dreams.

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O Holy Night, based on the Advent Nativity Pattern by Paper Panache. Quilted by Ramona Sorenson, designed by Lisa Robison.

The Christmas Story Told in Quilts

Enjoy this read-aloud feature of The Christmas Story through beautiful, intricate quilts that illustrate the Holy nativity scenes.

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Memorial service

Showing Love in a Crisis

When the news is overwhelming, God’s goodness still emerges.

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