10 Ways That Music Is a Gift

How music soothes, energizes and inspires us

Posted in , Jul 5, 2017

10 Ways That Music Is a Gift

Have you ever thought about what a gift it is to have music in our lives? Last night I had the joy of watching and listening to my 7-year-old granddaughter as she played a hymn during church. That led me to think about other ways that music touches us: 

1.  Music gives comfort.
I remember a time many years ago when I was in the hospital. I’d been there for six weeks following a horrible car wreck, and the doctors didn’t think I’d walk normally again. With a 4-year-old and a 4-month-old waiting at home, it was a tough time. The nights were long, and on one of them when I’d hit bottom emotionally, the old hymn, ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, came to mind. As I sang softly in my room, a sweet unexplainable peace filled my heart. 

2.  Music leads us to worship.
I love having my devotions out on my house deck. There’s something about being surrounded by God’s creation. I can pull up a praise-and-worship song on my phone, and it sets the tone for my time to be with Him. 

3.  Music is a calming influence.
That’s why they play peaceful music at the salon and spa. Next time the kids are being rowdy, play some soft music and watch the difference. 

4.  Music gives us joy.
Just think of a patriotic song on the 4th of July or a high school marching band playing at halftime. It instantly makes us start tapping our feet.

5.  Music invigorates us.
Many times when I’ve had to clean house (and haven’t wanted to!) I could play some peppy music, and my whole attitude changed as I polished furniture or scrubbed the tub in time to the beat.

6.  Music helps us pass the time.
Singing along with our favorite songs while on a long road trip makes the miles seem to go by faster. 

7.  Music inspires us.
Sometimes it’s as if the words leap off the page or the big screen at church—words that touch our souls, give us courage or inspire us to do something.

8.  Music creates moods.
Have you ever watched a scary movie and the music tipped you off that something bad was coming? The same is true of poignant scenes. Music has that power to evoke.

9.  Music triggers memories.
Sometimes it’s a hymn your grandmother sang, or a song your mom or dad sang to you when you were little. Sometimes it only takes a few notes for the memories to swell in your heart. 

10. Music touches God’s heart.
After all, He sent a choir of angels to celebrate the birth of His Son. And He loves to hear our praise. 

Could you use a little more music in your life today? Crank it up and sing along and watch the cares of your day slip away. 

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