8 Things to Love About Your Bible

Rediscovering the delight and hope provided in the pages of God’s Word.

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8 things to love about your Bible

Something happened a few weeks ago that made me really stop and think about my Bible. My husband and I had stopped by our local Christian bookstore to browse a bit and to pick up a few things. 

We’d just paid for our purchases, walked back to our car and gotten settled in our seats when I noticed a young couple exit the store. They pulled a box from the bag they were carrying, and then I noticed something so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes.

They stopped on the sidewalk—almost at our vehicle—and took a Bible from the box, turning the pages and looking at it with great delight. Yes, delight.

I read my Bible. I study it and pull verses from it for my books. But when’s the last time I stopped and looked at it with delight? I think that sometimes I need a fresh reminder of what an amazing gift God’s given to us:

1.  God’s Word provides meaning for life.

2.  It gives hope for the future.

3.  My Bible shows me right from wrong and what I need to do to please the heart of God.

4.  It provides guidance for every step I take and highlights the pitfalls along the way.

5.  God’s Word gives me comfort and provides verses that have been tried and proven.

6.  It’s a love letter straight from God’s heart to mine.

7.  My Bible is a way for me to get to truly know Him.

8.  And it’s a gift that I can leave for my children and grandchildren. A marked-up and underlined Bible with worn pages will remind them that it was precious to me.

Lord, thank You so much for the gift of Your Word. Don’t let me take it for granted, but remind me to look at it with delight. To see the priceless treasures that You’ve hidden there for me. To see the sweet words of comfort You’ve left there for me. And to see the love that’s written between every line. Amen.

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