A Good Message for a Bad Hair Day

A grumpy morning turns bright with an unexpected and delightful sidewalk sign.

Posted in , Mar 7, 2017

A good message for a bad hair day

The other week I was having one of those mornings where my hair was doing anything but cooperating. So much so that I basically had the adult-version of a toddler’s grocery-store tantrum. (Instead of kicking and screaming over cookies, though, I was having a heated argument with my hairdo!)

As you might recall, my hair has been a constant source of aggravation for me for about 20 years. It shouldn’t surprise me that it refuses to do what I tell it to do. And yet it always manages to throw me for a loop.

I was so frustrated that morning that I ended up leaving my apartment late. A bad start to an already bad day. I walked toward the subway, still on edge. A very dangerous situation to be in as subways are notorious for making bad days even worse.

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Luckily, a block before the subway, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. A message staring me straight in the face. Written in all caps so I couldn’t miss it.






It was a chalk board sign put out by a little café. I’m used to seeing it every morning on my way to work. But typically the messages are cute plays on words about peach pie or lemonade. I’d never before seen a message so perfectly tailored to the exasperating morning I was having.

I’m not sure who wrote that message. Why they felt compelled to write that. Or the reason they decided to put it up that morning, and not the day before or day after. But it reached me just in time, just when I needed to see it.

I guess you never know the impact an act of kindness can have or the waves of wonder it can set off (or the bad hair day it can turn around!). Isn’t that kind of amazing to think about?

What about you? Have you ever been impacted by a seemingly insignificant action on a stranger’s part?

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