A Mysterious Rainbow Appeared During a Moment of Silence for Aretha Franklin

While being honored at her beloved Detroit Tigers stadium, a beautiful heavenly sign appears.

Posted in , Aug 30, 2018

Aretha Franklin

The world mourned the death of music legend Aretha Franklin, who passed away in Detroit on August 16 of this year. But, days after her passing, fans rejoiced over an amazing moment captured in her hometown.

Aretha, who grew up in Detroit, was a Tigers baseball fan. She even sang the National Anthem at the Tigers’ Comerica Park stadium in 2011. (You can watch her beautiful rendition here.)

According to the Detroit Free Press, at a Detroit Tigers-Chicago Cubs game on Tuesday, August 21, the Tigers observed a moment of silence for the Queen of Soul. As they did, fans noticed something remarkable above the stadium’s scoreboard.

A perfect rainbow.

As the Detroit Tigers later wrote in a Facebook post, “Some pictures say it all.

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