An Irish “Mysterious Ways” That’s Still a Mystery

Why did I feel called to Ireland? What was God’s purpose in it all? 

Posted in , Mar 17, 2017

A mysterious trip to Ireland

These days, whenever I think of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m reminded of a trip I took to Ireland in 2015 with my sisters. There’s kind of a funny story about how we ended up in Ireland of all places. I felt like God was calling me there. I even had signs to prove it. 

I thought something kind of crazy would happen once we got there. Like the three of us would meet three handsome single Irish brothers (triple wedding!). Or I’d somehow end up saving a stranger’s life in Galway and, yup, end up marrying him. Or I’d find a lost locket at the Cliffs of Moher, return it to the mysterious old lady it belonged to and, of course, end up marrying her single, very eligible grandson. What? It could happen!

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Unfortunately, though, none of that happened. It was a wonderful trip. And I’ll always remember Ireland as one of the most beautiful, enchanting, light-filled places I’ve ever traveled to. But I wouldn’t say that anything particularly mysterious or miraculous happened there (unless you count a completely delightful beef stew I happened upon in Dublin).

So what did it mean? Why did I feel called to Ireland? And what was with all those signs that seemed to push me there? What was God’s purpose in it all?

Maybe I’ll never know. Or maybe it’ll all be revealed eventually. I’m really hoping that’s the case. After all, if I think of some of the biggest wonders in my life, they didn’t seem so wondrous at the time. A decision to take one job over another. Randomly talking to someone who ended up becoming a dear friend. Taking a risk that changes everything. Some “mysterious ways” and miracles don’t look like it until many, many years later. 

What about you? Have you ever experienced a “mysterious ways” that still has you scratching your head? Or a miracle that didn’t reveal itself right away? Share your story below! 

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