Are You Inspired by Black Friday?

It’s never seemed to be a very inspiring name for a day that is the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season.

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Edwatd Grinnan with Gracie; photo by Katye Martens Brier

Happy Black Friday everyone!

Is that appropriate to say?

Frankly it’s never seemed to be a very inspiring name for a day that is the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season, Advent notwithstanding. More specifically today marks the commercial kick-off to the holidays. It’s when people storm the country’s biggest retailers looking for bargains, often lining up at three in the morning waiting for the doors to open then rampaging through the aisles like a herd of panicked cattle. I believe there have been years when shoppers have actually been trampled to death. Or close to it, I think. I know that the word black was originally a reference to the stores’ bottom lines; for a lot of retailers this was the make or break day in terms of whether they would have a profitable selling season. And there is nothing wrong with that. If it means more jobs then bring it on.

In fact stores are getting better at handling the frenzied horde of consumers to minimize the chaos and madness. And Americans are pretty comfortable shopping online, giving them more time to spend with their families this weekend. I know people who use today to do volunteer work instead of shop. I’ve also heard of church groups who join the mad rush to buy sale toys for kids in homeless shelters and group homes. 

Still, can we change today’s name to something better than Black Friday? Something a little more uplifting and a little less ominous? Does anyone have any ideas? It’s a little dispiriting to see endless news footage of shoppers getting into fistfights over the latest video game release. Especially after the day when we celebrate our gratitude for the material and spiritual gifts in our lives. What would you call the day after Thanksgiving and how much shopping are you doing today?

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Meanwhile have a good Black Friday.

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