Beautiful Busy Day

I wish I wasn’t so busy. Maybe I should have taken the day off. But there are things to do and commitments to meet. But ah, such commitments!

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Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan

Today it is beautiful.

It hasn’t been for a while. On the East Coast we’ve suffered through drenching humidity and sunless skies for the last third of this month. Now, on the final day of September, it all gives way to a beautiful day.

I wish I wasn’t so busy. Maybe I should have taken the day off.

Ah...but there are things to do and commitments to meet. Our Guideposts Foundation National Advisory Cabinet is in town for its annual meeting. The cabinet is an assembly of 80 or so dedicated, generous, longtime supporters of Guideposts and Norman Vincent Peale. Every year we get together to tell them what the organization is doing and how they can help. We also seek their advice, wisdom and counsel.

I am going to have lunch with them shortly, then give a presentation afterward followed by a book signing for The Promise of Hope. Tonight there is a dinner and auction of Dr. Peale memorabilia. Rick Hamlin and I have been recruited to assist the auctioneer. This will be interesting. Plus there is an item I want myself—a genuine “Personal Model Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat” presented to Dr. Peale by the children of the Louisville, Kentucky, school district in appreciation of the Power of Positive Students program. It has Dr. Peale’s name carved into it, just like a big-leaguer’s. If I get it I might donate it to the Guideposts Softball Team, even though it’s an old-fashioned ash wood bat.

Hopefully I get home early enough to catch the last few innings of the ALDS playoff game between the Yankees and the Detroit Tigers before it’s time to take Millie out and catch up with Julee, who’s leaving soon for Europe and some singing dates. Which reminds me: I have to get ready for my own trip abroad in just a couple of weeks, when I fly to Istanbul to start a tour of the Holy Lands. But more on that in a later blog.

Did I say I wish I wasn’t so busy? That I should have taken the day off? It sounds like so much fun. What was I thinking?

Sometimes I forget to be thankful for the blessings I am given, especially the blessing of a busy day.

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