Creativity and the Arts Inspire Guideposts Readers

We’d like to share some inspiring comments about creativity, the arts and more that you contributed to our Facebook page.

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What Inspires Guideposts Readers

Creativity and the arts are always inspiring; Wela Midel writes that colorful, creative things brighten up her day. “It makes me think that I can create wonderful things, beginning with the choices I make in life.”

Kelley Bruick is inspired by music, particularly Christian radio. “Whenever I am struggling with some concern or problem, a song will come on that I may have heard a dozen times before, but that day I really hear the lyrics and know that He is talking to me through it!”

The movie Courageous is inspiring Angela Lyn Martinez to continue being an active parent to her son. “It inspires me to teach him God's word and to have morals and values. It also gives me hope, as a single mom, that there still are men filled with faith and family values, and maybe God will send one to me someday.”

And finally, Julie Gilleand is finding inspiration in a book: Arthur Gordon's A Touch of Wonder. “It’s an old book, but I'm loving it!”

Other sources of inspiration include “positive people” (Amel Moussa), and Kristin Chenoweth's grandmother's Bible (Lynn Johnson Smith). Smith writes, “I'm going to start marking my Women's Devotional Bible that way.”

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