Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest

Enter to win an all-expenses paid trip to Rye, New York, and learn everything we know about inspirational storytelling.

Posted in , Mar 22, 2018

Guideposts Writers Workshop

Adapted from Edward Grinnan’s Editor’s Note for the April 2018 issue of Guideposts. If you’d like to subscribe, click here.

Thank you, Debbie! Why am I shouting this, you might ask? Without best-selling novelist Debbie Macomber, we’d be hard-pressed to bring you your monthly magazine filled with uplifting content and inspiring storytellers. That’s because Debbie sponsors our biannual Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest, for which 12 finalists are chosen to spend an all-expenses-paid week in Rye, New York, learning everything we know about inspirational storytelling. Thanks to Debbie, you could be one of those 12.

Some of your favorite Guideposts writers first broke into print by way of the Writers Workshop: Sue Monk Kidd, Marion Bond West, Roberta Messner, Stephanie Thompson, Karen Barber. My very first day of work at Guideposts, as an assistant editor, I was packed off to Wainwright House,
 an old stone mansion on Long Island Sound that had been converted into a conference center and spiritual retreat, to attend the workshop. It was explained to me that all Guideposts editors attended as a condition of employment. By that point in my life, I thought I knew everything about writing that was worth knowing. I was so wrong. That amazing week at Wainwright did more to shape my writing than anything up to then.

The Workshoppers are our editorial lifeblood. The writers we’ve developed over the years contribute as much as a third of our content. They are our eyes and ears around the country. And not just for this magazine but for all our publications—Mysterious Ways, Angels on Earth, All Creatures—as well as our annual book of devotions, Daily Guideposts.

This is our 26th workshop, in a tradition dating back to 1967, when Norman Vincent Peale, our founding editor-in-chief, decided the magazine needed new blood. We still need new blood—new cultural perspectives, new voices, new experiences, a new generation. If you know someone who fits the bill, please tell them about our contest. It could change their life.

Or yours. Why can’t this be your year to join our amazing community 
of inspirational storytellers and fulfill your own writing dreams?

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