How to Find Joy in Dark Times

Join us for a Facebook Live event with popular Bible speaker and author Margaret Feinberg.

Posted in , Nov 8, 2018

Margaret Feinberg

Here’s something I wonder about all the time: How on earth do you find joy in the midst of hard times—especially when life keeps handing you lemons, and there’s no end in sight?

That’s a question that Margaret Feinberg has grappled with too. She’s a popular Bible teacher, speaker and the author of Fight Back with Joy: Celebrate More, Regret Less, Stare Down Your Greatest Fears. In 2013, Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer, and began her quest to find light in even the darkest of times.

So what did Margaret discover on her journey to find joy? On Thursday, November 15 at 3 p.m. ET, she’ll be joining us LIVE on to talk all about it.

You can bring any questions for Margaret to our Facebook Live event on the 15th or email them to us at [email protected].

In the meantime, I’d love to know—how do you find joy in hard times? Comment below with your joy-finding tips!

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