How to Reduce Anxiety and Find Calm in Any Circumstance

A collection of Scriptures, prayers and tips to help you break the worry cycle. 

Posted in , Apr 23, 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of normal life. From family celebrations to funerals, vacations to employment, and doctor's appointments to daily walks. According to a recent poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 45% of adults in the United States said their mental health had decreased because of the consequences of coronavirus. 

It's understandable to be struggling with increased anxiety right now. But know that you're not alone, and you are not helpless. We scoured the archives for the best advice on fighting anxiety and finding inner calm. Here are some of our favorites: 

Four Steps to Banish Anxiety

We've collected some quotes from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Guideposts founder and the author of The Power of Positive Thinking, about how to banish anxiety.

14 Bible Verses for Anxiety

Turn to this slideshow of calming images, paired with encouraging Scripture, when you feel your worries are dragging you down. 

Breath Prayers to Fight Anxiety

These devotions include breathing exercises coupled with prayers to slow your heart rate and quell panic. 

Pray Your Anxiety Away

Five more prayer tips from Guideposts founder Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to lessen your anxiety. 

4 Short Prayers for Fighting Anxiety

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale shares four quick prayers for moments when you're feeling panicked. 

Inspirational Quotes About Anxiety

Allow this slideshow of inspirational quotes remind you that you're not alone.

3 Bible Verses to Help You Calm Down

Refer back to these three verses when you need to find inner calm. 

4 One-Word Prayers for Finding Calm

Pastor Bob Hostetler shares short, easy-to-remember prayers to help you push past anxiety.

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