Husbands and More Inspire Guideposts Readers

We’d like to share some inspiring comments about husbands, the Bible and more that you contributed to our Facebook page.

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What Inspires Guideposts Readers

Two readers commented on our Facebook page about how their husbands inspire them. “Since breaking my back in a motorcycle accident,” writes Rebecca Nedrow, “My husband has been here to help me through my recovery. He is a strong, smart, handsome, loyal man. He is my inspiration each and every day. I am so thankful to God for bringing us together.”

Trisa Chancey is similarly grateful to her inspiring husband.I am working to complete my associate's degree in communications. He is so supportive! He prays for me every morning, cooks, washes dishes and takes care of our nearly-13-year-old—and screens calls so I can study!”

Children continue to be a source of inspiration. Nikki and Sammy Bandy writes, “My six-year-old daughter inspires me. When she saw that I wasn’t feeling well, she told me that it would be OK because Jesus loves me!”

At least one child is inspired by her mother’s reading material: Denise Kuo says, “K-LOVE is a really great Christian radio station! I’m a 13-year-old girl from California and my mom subscribes to Guideposts. What an awesome pair—inspiring Christian reading and awesome Christian music!”

And finally, Lynn Hauze has accomplished something we can all take inspiration from: I set a goal of rereading the Bible this year and finished early. It was my fourth time through and I can't wait to select another version and do it again!”

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