Inspiration from Guideposts Readers: 6/15/11

It's What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose four inspiring comments from our Facebook page.

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It's What Inspires You Wednesday! This week, we chose four comments from our Facebook page.

Gayle Huntling
My 82-year-old father—who worked on the Apollo program and helped put man on the moon—continues to be my inspiration. He has been fighting lymphoma and always has such a positive attitude about everything!

Diana Schneider
My dad is a huge inspiration to me. Every week, not just this week.

Cindy Thomas
Went for my walk last night and ran into an old friend. When we first met, he and his wife were raising their grandson after his father had been murdered. His grandson received his Eagle Scout, graduated from high school and is now working a good job. I think he did an outstanding job raising his grandson to be a fine young man.

Cindy Sears
I am inspired by my dad. He has had severe nerve problems for more than 20 years and cares for my mom, who suffers from dementia and Alzheimer’s. He talks to his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren about how he appreciates life. He marvels at his 10-week-old puppies. He has brought his love of God to all who know him.

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