Motivational Stories

Motivational stories stay with you, coming to mind when you are faced with a challenge. Stories that motivate are stories that show you the way toward success, improvement, happiness, and connection. Turn to motivating stories whenever you need a boost on your life journey.

Your work matters

Knowing Your Work Matters

A writer receives overwhelming affirmation from her readers.

Billy Graham speaking to an audience

Larry Ross Remembers His Time with Billy Graham

Billy Graham's trusted media representative, Larry Ross, shares his memories of the renowned evangelist.

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Brian Bird on set of Hallmark Channel's hit TV series, When Calls the Heart.

When God Has Big Plans for You

After sharing a pizza with TV producer Brian Bird of One Calls the Heart, an unexpected creative collaboration results.

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Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

She Prayed Her Way into a Role in the Marvel Film 'Black Panther'

Stuntwoman Janeshia Adams-Ginyard on how prayer helped her land a role on one of the biggest films of 2018.

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Winter Olympians

Meet the Inspiring Winter Olympians Representing Team USA

Before the Games begin, we're highlighting eight men and women whose personal journeys to a potential place on the podium are a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the beauty of the American dream.

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Karen Barber

Karen Barber on Relying on God to Guide Us Toward Solutions

Karen Barber shares how God guided her toward the solution to a technical problem she was experiencing with a prayer website she had been led to create.

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21 Year Old Man with Down Syndrome Builds a Million-Dollar Empire

21 Year Old Man with Down Syndrome Builds a Million-Dollar Empire

John Cronin is now making seven figures selling socks 

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Write down 3 good things a day.

3 Good Things a Day

An extra calendar provides inspiration for practicing gratitude on a daily basis.

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Two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington

Guideposts Classics: Denzel Washington, Inspired to Be Great

In this story from January 2007, two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington discusses the vital role parents, teachers, coaches and role models played in his life.

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Mario mentors Lisa during one of her training sessions.

Super Mario: The Running Coach Who Bolstered Her Faith

She'd long dreamed of running a marathon, but never believed she could achieve that goal—until a fellow runner showed her what she was truly capable of.

Tiera Guinn Fletcher at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville

This Rocket Scientist Relied on Faith and Family to Reach Her Goals

How this young scientist overcame doubt and worry—and why she believes anything is possible.

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Artist Ron Medley in his Brooklyn apartment/studio

Beyond the Easel: A Look at an Inspiring Artist's Life

We paid a visit to artist Ron Medley's Brooklyn studio to discuss the role that painting plays in his life and how he came to pick his paint brush again after years spent pursuing a career as a lawyer.

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As archbishop of Kenya’s Anglican Church, former sponsored child Jackson Ole Sapit is active in mediating contentious national disputes such as the recent presidential election and a countrywide doctors' strike.

Former World Vision Sponsored Child Is Archbishop of Kenya's Anglican Church

As a child, he received support from World Vision. He now leads 5 million people as the archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

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You are special.

You Are Special!

If the God of the universe thinks you’re worthy of love, maybe it’s time that you start believing that as well?

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