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Acts of kindness for Lent

Adding in a Little Goodness This Lent

In addition to giving something up, why not practice daily acts of kindness?

Being in the wrong place at the right time may have saved a man's life.

Wrong Place…Right Time?

Maceo Thomas accidentally walked into the place that would change his life.

Don't quit on God.

Don’t Quit on God

Big dreams can take discouraging turns. But here are reasons why you should not give up.

Jimmy Spagnolo, 6, rings a bell to signify the end of his cancer treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

This Boy's Victory Dance After Chemo Will Warm Your Heart

6-year-old Jimmy Spagnolo's inspiring journey through a year of chemotherapy has touched thousands across the country.

What failure can teach us.

What Failure Can Teach Us

Stumbling and falling is a way to reach dreams. Fear of failure is a way to avoid them.

Small steps, big changes

The Wisdom of Taking One Small Step

Change is hard. But if you start small today, the rewards down the road can be big.

The joy of divinely inspired cookies

The Joy of Cookies

Divinely inspired to spread sweet cheer during the season and beyond

Adele (on Mount Whitney’s summit) likes the No Barriers motto: What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.

Faith Helps Veteran Overcome Survivor's Guilt, PTSD and TBI

This Iraq vet wondered why she'd been allowed to survive a bomb attack, but she came to understand that she could honor her fallen comrades by living a full and faithful life.

Present Over Perfect

An Exhausted Mom Stops Trying to Be Perfect

In this excerpt from the best-seller Present Over Perfect, Shauna Niequist describes how busyness can become like a drug--and why she had to change.

How simple words of encouragement can change a life.

Simple Words of Encouragement

How one writer just starting out benefited from an act of kindness