Don’t Let Limitations Define You

How to push yourself to rise above barriers and experience the power of possibilities.

Posted in , Apr 10, 2019

How to reach your goals

When striving to reach a goal, don’t let limitations define you. Use them as opportunities to push beyond your comfort zone. That way you’ll find creative solutions and become better acquainted with your inner strengths. And it’s inner strength that defines how you’ll tackle hurdles in life. 

In the July 2016 issue of Guideposts, Bryan Anderson, an Iraq War veteran, told his story of overcoming the biggest battle he ever faced. At the age of 20, Bryan enlisted in the Army and was shipped out on September 11, 2001. Towards the end of his second tour, he was behind the wheel of a Humvee in Baghdad when a roadside bomb went off. As a result, Bryan lost his left hand and both legs. Several days later, Bryan woke up in Bethesda, Maryland, at Walter Reed Medical Center with his mother by his side. It was in that hospital that his mother said the words that defined the course for the rest of his life. She said, “You know you have basically two options here, right?” He responded, “Yup. Move on—or roll over and die.” She responded, “And you’re going to…” To which he replied, “Move on.” 

While in physical therapy, Bryan noticed that the patients who were making progress were the ones who accepted their injuries and worked hard to move forward. From the start, Bryan pushed himself; he refused to let his injury prevent him from living life. The process of learning to use his prostheses was a long and difficult journey, but his mother and friends were there to encourage him. 

Today, Bryan lives a fulfilling life and is a motivational speaker. In his free time, he loves to snowboard, skateboard and enjoy time on his motorcycle. Bryan’s story is a powerful reminder that we too can overcome our limitations. We mustn’t let them stop us from moving forward but push ourselves to rise above and experience the power of possibilities. We all have our limitations, but if you believe you can overcome them, you will. 

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