Wrong Place…Right Time?

Maceo Thomas accidentally walked into the place that would change his life.

Posted in , Feb 27, 2017

Being in the wrong place at the right time may have saved a man's life.

Today's guest blogger is Dan Hoffman, Mysterious Ways assitant editor.

Have you ever accidentally walked into the wrong place that ended up changing your life?

That’s what happened to Maceo Thomas of Lakewood, Colorado. KUSA 9 News reported that one night in 2011, Maceo left his home to find a surgical supply store where he could buy a back brace. He weighed over 300 pounds and was suffering from diabetes. His doctor, concerned about his health, had suggested Maceo try yoga. But Maceo could barely walk, needing to use a cane to get around. 

He entered what he thought was the right store—only to find blackbelts and karate chops instead. He’d walked into the dojo of the Rocky Mountain Karate Association. Hale Hilsabeck, owner and director of the studio, greeted him. Maceo told Hale he’d always wanted to learn karate, but was discouraged because of his weight. Hale told him to come back the next day to begin learning karate and boxing—free of charge.

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Maceo began training two to three times a week. Hale was amazed by his determination. “I was enthused because he kept on showing up,” he told 9News. “I kinda figured after the first couple or three times that he was there, that he might disappear. But, no.”

Now, over five years later, Maceo weighs 60 pounds less and no longer walks with a cane (he doesn’t need a back brace either.) He can shuffle around and deliver powerful punches. There’s even a room dedicated to him at the studio.

I called Maceo to find out more. This all happened for a reason, he told me. Most of all, his faith was renewed, both in himself and in a higher power. “This was something that was meant to be,” Maceo said. “I was down on myself. Now I feel more confident in the things I do. I’ve started to speak my mind more and I feel better about myself.”

Maceo’s story has inspired me. Next time I end up in the “wrong place,” maybe I’ll stay there a minute longer—to see if that unexpected opportunity shows up. Have you ever accidentally walked into a life-changing situation? Share your story with us! 

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