You Are Special!

If the God of the universe thinks you’re worthy of love, maybe it’s time that you start believing that as well?

Posted in , Nov 1, 2017

You are special.

The video from an old episode of America’s Got Talent popped up in my Facebook feed. A pretty young woman was getting ready to audition, and as she talked with the judges before her performance, it was apparent that she was nervous. I can only imagine how intimidating that must be for a novice to stand in front of the panel and such a huge audience.

Simon Cowell and the other judges finished questioning her and then she took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves as she waited in the spotlight for the music to begin. But then, as she belted out the first line of the song, the audience sat forward in their seats. Howie mouthed a “Wow!” and a big grin broke out on Simon’s face. The power of her voice was unexpected. The soulfulness and beauty of her tone and pitch made the song amazing. 

It was spell-binding and hauntingly beautiful. But it was the moment after that which brought me to tears. The audience stood to their feet and the applause went on and on. The judges made comments about her amazing talent and the way she’d delivered the song. When Simon looked at her intently and said, “You are special!” she burst into tears, as if for the very first time she was realizing that. In just a matter of moments, I watched her blossom from a timid young woman to a confident performer...all from the power of a few words.

“You are special.” Such simple words, but they did wonders for her self-esteem, for her confidence. 

Many of us have been wounded by our childhoods or by circumstances that have left us feeling “less than” and as if we’ll never amount to anything. Many of us have never had someone say those reaffirming words to us—but we’re so hungry to hear them. 

So, today, I want you to hear what I have to say to you: YOU are special. A one-of-a-kind unique treasure knit together by God. A God who loves you and considers you’re so valuable that He gave His Son for you. A God who grieves with you in hard times and failures and who finds great delight when you fulfill the plans He has for you.

And if the God of the universe thinks you’re special, maybe it’s time that you start believing that as well.

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