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Erin, trumpet in hand, pauses during band rehearsal

Rediscovering a Passion for Music Changed This Mom's Life

She enjoyed being a wife and mother, but still felt discontented, disconnected from who she once was. Until she finally returned to her first love: music.

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Purdue University power forward Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan

Mentor Guides Hoops Star to March Madness and Beyond

Weighing in at nearly 400 at age 13, Purdue University's Caleb Swanigan got off to a rough start, but his older brother made a call that changed his life.

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B. Verde at the Scripp's Health Center

This Heart Attack Survivor Wants You to Know the Signs

After surviving a heart attack, Bertha "B" Verde wants other women to know what she didn't when it comes to heart disease. 

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Encourage someone this Lent.

Encourage Someone for Lent

How a timely smile keeps a tired jogger going each morning

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Admiring those who have served God over their lives, no matter what.

Still Faithfully Serving God

Inspired by those who have served God for decades, even during hardship and health issues.

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5 things God taught me about running a race.

5 Spiritual Lessons from a 4-Mile Run

Maybe it’s okay to take things day by day, hour by hour, stride by stride.

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7 simple ways to make someone's day

7 Simple Ways to Make Someone’s Day

A compliment, a note, an inexpensive gift–all easy ways to spread a little joy.

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Malala Yousafzai

Women's History Month: 16 Inspiring Women

From aviators, queens and secretaries of state to artists, musicians and spies, here are some of the inspiring female pioneers who changed history. 

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Acts of kindness for Lent

Adding in a Little Goodness This Lent

In addition to giving something up, why not practice daily acts of kindness?

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Being in the wrong place at the right time may have saved a man's life.

Wrong Place…Right Time?

Maceo Thomas accidentally walked into the place that would change his life.

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Don't quit on God.

Don’t Quit on God

Big dreams can take discouraging turns. But here are reasons why you should not give up.

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Jimmy Spagnolo, 6, rings a bell to signify the end of his cancer treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

This Boy's Victory Dance After Chemo Will Warm Your Heart

6-year-old Jimmy Spagnolo's inspiring journey through a year of chemotherapy has touched thousands across the country.

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