Mysterious Dreams of Denmark

For someone who rarely remembers her dreams, this far-away country poses a puzzle.

Posted in , Nov 2, 2017

Dreaming of Denmark

I’m in the middle of planning a vacation to Portugal with my sister. I can hardly wait to explore the cities of Lisbon and Porto…and, of course, eat pastéis de nata, aka traditional Portuguese egg tarts! 

But while my mind is consumed with all things Portugal, part of me is thinking about a different country entirely. Denmark.

You see, I’ve had two dreams over the past month involving Denmark. I have no idea why. I’ve never been there. I don’t know anyone from there. I’ve never even really thought about traveling there (sorry, Denmark, I’m sure you’re beautiful!). Even more strange, I rarely remember dreams that I’ve had once, let alone twice! 

I consulted with Mysterious Ways editor Desiree Cole. She’s a bit of a spiritual dream expert. She knows the dreams of the Bible like the back of her hand. Seriously, some days, I feel like I’m sitting next to Joseph from the Old Testament. (That reminds me, you can look forward to Desiree’s story about the warnings God sends us in dreams in the upcoming issue of Mysterious Ways magazine!) 

“I’ve dreamt about Denmark twice,” I told Desiree. “In both dreams, I was invited to fly to Denmark at the last-minute, but couldn’t go because I had other plans.” Desiree paused and looked thoughtful.

“Let me think on it,” she said.

Sure enough, a few hours later, I got Desiree’s official “dream analysis.” She offered a few different suggestions about what it could mean. Denmark could represent a place of rest and peace, she said, like a “den.” It could actually just represent Denmark–maybe I was going to take a trip there one day. Or, perhaps, I’m simply being called on by God to pray for Denmark. 

Desiree suggested I ask God to give me another clue to the puzzle before I go to sleep at night. I think I’ll do just that and pray for Denmark too. 

In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think my dream about Denmark means. And have you ever dreamt of a different country? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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