Rainbows and More Inspire Guideposts Readers

The people in your lives and some amazing experiences are inspiring Guideposts readers this week.

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What Inspires You

The people in your lives and some amazing experiences are inspiring Guideposts readers this week.

Ca Goodwin is inspired by the generosity of a young child in her church, who is turning eight in a few weeks. “Instead of asking for gifts, she asked her parents to inform people that she would like shoes to give to a local shelter. Way to go, Reese!”

Angels appear in all kinds of ways. “In 2004 my Godmother encouraged me to make chow-chow relish and enter the North Carolina State Fair with it,” writes Phyllis Bryant. “I won third place. Each year since, I tried to win again but didn't. When my Godmother died this August at 84, I didn't have much heart to enter the fair. But I did, on a friend's recommendation, and won a blue ribbon ... for chow-chow relish. Angels have a way of reaching into sadness and reminding you of the joys of having known them.”

Alexis LaMere is inspired by her husband. “We were in a motorcycle accident this past Sunday,” she writes. “Even though he had cracked ribs and trouble breathing, he was concerned about me and tried to crawl out of the ditch he landed in to get to me. I love that man!”

Two of you had encounters with rainbows that reminded you of the wonders in the world. “I was discouraged this past weekend,” writes Carol Cosgrove, “Yet on Sunday, there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky. It reminded me of God's promises, and I was refreshed and inspired.”

Lee Anna Farrall is inspired by how God knows delivers exactly what we need at just the right moment. “Traveling home last night after an exhausting three days at work, I suddenly saw the most brilliant double rainbow!”

And finally, Guideposts can bring inspiration as well. “I read one story from either Guideposts or one of the Miracles books every single morning,” writes Sandra McFall Angelo. “It's like a daily vitamin for the brain, and it strengthens my faith. If God can do a miracle for them, he can do it for me!”

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