A Faithful Travel Companion

We don’t have to worry about traveling alone through life because God is always with us.

Posted in , Feb 2, 2018

Faithful travel companion

I’m always amused when people say, “Oh, you get to go on such glamorous trips!” I travel a good bit for events related to my writing and speaking, and I do get to go to some pretty awesome places…but most of the time, it’s anything but glamorous.

On many of my trips, the organization I’m writing for will fly me in for a speaking event or conference, but many times I just get to see the scenery to and from the hotel and event site, and then I make the return trip back to the airport without getting to see the town or any of the cool things there.

For example, one writing-related trip took me to a spectacular hotel out West where presidents often stay. I had a fireplace in my oh-so-gorgeous room. The balcony overlooked the serene lake and the mountain that served as a backdrop. It was so lovely—but I only got to enjoy it for about 15 minutes late at night because I was in sessions all day.

And then there’s the air travel. Any road warrior will tell you that travel is often anything but fun. I’ve had trips where I’ve changed terminals repeatedly, sat through multiple flight delays or ended up stuck overnight in less-than-awesome hotels.

But what I hate the most is that I often have to travel alone.

Trips are always so much better when my husband is with me. I love his company, and when trips go awry, it’s so wonderful to have him there. He unloads our luggage from the car when we get to the airport and helps get everything through security. He lifts the carry-ons into the overhead bins and then gets them down at the end of our flights. And then he’ll sit with the suitcases so I don’t have to drag them through shops or to the restroom.

He loves me, and he carries the burden. It makes the trips so much easier for me.

And that’s the mental image that popped into my mind the other day when I read Isaiah 53:4, “Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows….” It so touched my heart to truly see that God loves me and He carries my burdens. When life is hard. When my heart is breaking. When I need strength.

I’m so grateful that we don’t have to ever worry about traveling alone through life because God loves us so much that He will gladly carry the burden of anything that concerns us. Thank You, God, for being our faithful travel companion

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