A Reminder of a Faithful God

Sometimes you just have to put a situation in God’s hands. And that’s a good thing.

Posted in , Jan 17, 2018

Handing a problem over to God

Has God ever sent you little reminders of times in the past when He’s been faithful? I love it when He does that, and I received an email recently that brought back one of those memories.

A friend posted an emergency prayer request for her blog. It launched that day, and when it went live, the content didn’t show up like it should. To make it worse, her web designer was sick.

My friend’s email reminded me of something similar that happened to me—and what made it extra special was that her email arrived exactly four years to the day of when I’d experienced my own nightmare situation.

I’d been building buzz on social media for weeks for my “Just 18 Summers” parenting website/blog. My friend, Terenia, designed websites professionally, so I was thrilled to have her build my site—especially since it was quite involved with numerous pages and tabs.

The two of us had spent months pulling everything together. Well, I pulled together information. She did all the rest because there’s not one tech-savvy gene in my body. Not one.

Several unexpected circumstances ate into our timeline to complete the site, so we ended up working late into the night before our launch date. About 3 a.m., I got an email from her that said, “I just did a check of the site, and we’re ready to go!” 

I sent a quick, “Yay! Get some rest!” email and went to look at my brand-spanking-new site. But when I clicked on the web address, nothing happened. We’d announced 8 a.m. as the launch time…and nobody would be able to access our site. 

I sent a frantic email, “Nothing’s pulling up when I click on the link!” and we spent several more hours trying to get things to work. Terenia is brilliant at what she does. She tried everything she knew, but I still got nothing when I clicked on the link. We were both beyond exhausted, and when her bag of tricks was empty, we decided we’d have to get more help the next day.

I hated not delivering what I’d promised. I was sick about it. Discouraged and all alone in the wee hours, I sat down in our family room and whispered, “God, I don’t know what to do to solve this problem. Terenia has done everything she knows to do. So, Lord, could you just fix it so it will work in the morning when it’s supposed to go live? I’m going to bed now and I’m just going to leave it in Your hands.”

And the next morning when I clicked on the link, it worked perfectly. To this day, I don’t know what He did to resolve the problem. I just know that once again, my faithful God came through when I needed Him. 

Do you need help with something today? You’re safe to trust the God who never fails us.

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