Asking with a Child-Like Faith

When we come to God with a question, He will answer it according to what we need.

Posted in , Feb 9, 2018

Child-like faith

The high school basketball game was in full swing when I arrived. I’d been delayed by a doctor’s appointment, but it was important to be there. Not to watch the athletes but the pint-sized cheerleaders on the sidelines—one in particular, my 6-year-old granddaughter, Ava.

As I paid for my ticket, I felt something brush against my leg, little hands patting me for attention. I looked down and my 2-year-old grandson Nolan’s big blue eyes stared back up. He asked me something, but with the noise in the gym, I couldn’t hear. Finally, I leaned down and asked, “What do you need, buddy?”

With a serious expression, he replied, “You got cash?” He led me to the snack bar where he’d been eyeing a pack of candy. I loved that Nolan knew he could come to me for whatever, and if it wouldn’t hurt him and if it was in my power to get it for him, I would. After all, making my grandchildren happy makes me happy.

God loves to give to us as well, and He loves when we come to Him with child-like faith to ask Him for what we need. Sometimes we don’t get what we asked for because He knows it wouldn’t be good for us. 

Other times He makes us wait for an answer because we need to learn patience or to become grateful for what we have. But sometimes He leads us to the snack bar of life and says, “Get whatever you need or want. My resources are limitless.”

I don’t want to be hesitant about bringing my requests to God. I want to wait for Him with faith like Nolan’s, knowing that the Father who loves me will provide what is best.

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