Finding God in Front of the Grocery Store

How chance encounters present us with spiritual openings.

Posted in , Sep 23, 2019

Finding God at the Grocery Store

I went down the block to the grocery store this evening for milk. The neighborhood guy who usually asks for money in front of the liquor store was parked on his sit/stand walker in front of the supermarket.

"Excuse me, miss," he said, "Could you buy me a small cabbage?"

I almost laughed out loud. How could I refuse a request like that?

I bought the cabbage (on sale, no less!) and brought it to him. He took a bag off his walker and handed it to me saying, "Maybe you can use this. I asked someone to buy me spinach, and they gave me this fresh organic stuff instead of frozen. Organic makes me break out in hives! I'd rather have cabbage."

I accepted his offering, remembering all over again why I love city life. God meets me here in His people, in challenges and in humor. All I need to do is seek Him in each encounter with the people He places in my path.

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