God’s Love Makes a Difference

How His unconditional love allows us to connect with others

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God's love makes a difference.

When our children were young, my wife and I wanted them to know just how much we would always love them. Our goal was for them to feel loved so that they, too, could learn to love others. Now that they are older, we still show them love, and we know that they, too, love us and others in the same way.

Over time, I have discovered that when people are not shown love throughout their lives, they find it difficult to express it or feel it for others. 

My father-in-law always struggled to show his children love, but once I learned that both of his parents passed away when he was 12, I felt compassion for him. Unfortunately, his struggles had consequences for his children; they missed out on their father’s love.

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I wonder how it would have changed his perspective if he had ever experienced God’s love for him? Does God’s love make a difference? I know it does. When we experience God’s love, we never feel alone or ignored again. He loves us unconditionally. 

Mother Teresa said, “When you know how much God is in love with you, then you can only live your life radiating that love.” When we understand this and recognize how much God loves us in spite of our faults, sins, imperfections, rough edges, selfishness, ego and more, we can live a life that radiates love. What amazes you about God’s love? Please share with us.

Lord, may we live a life that radiates Your love to all.

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