Guideposts Classics: Prayer Tips with Billy Graham

Inspirational author and evangelist Billy Graham shares some useful tips on how to strengthen your prayers to God.

- Posted on Mar 15, 2017

Billy Graham speaking on a podium

Prayer is the most important spiritual exercise that a Christian can have. If you are to live a happy, yielded and victorious life, daily prayer is absolutely essential. The apostle said that we are to “pray without ceasing.” Here are a few facts on prayer that may be of help.

First, the place of prayer. It is not the place, but the spirit of prayer that is the all-important factor. Jacob found that desert stones can become an altar. Peter prayed in a stormtossed ship. Hagar cried to God in the heart of the desert. The Penitent Thief prayed from a cross.

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God’s ear is open to our cry, whether on the seashore or on the housetop, on a mountain or a battlefield. However, daily prayer is better and easier under favorable surroundings. Ordinarily, it is best to have a place for daily prayer. Jesus suggested,… Enter into thy closet *MATTHEW 6:6. It is good to pray at least once a day in a secluded place, praying out loud, guarding yourself against wandering thoughts.

Second, the posture of prayer. No particular posture is prescribed in the Bible. The Bible indicates many postures in prayer: Lifting up of hands (Exodus 9:33, Psalms 28:2). Sitting is another posture. David used this posture as mentioned in II Samuel 7:18. Standing was the usual, Jewish attitude of Christ’s day. Kneeling is a reverent attitude adopted by others.

Daniel knelt three times a day. Stephen knelt and prayed. Peter and Paul knelt several times according to Scripture. I personally find this the best posture. Third, the period for prayer. Jesus seems to have devoted Himself especially to prayer at times when His life was full of work and excitement. The Bible says to pray at all seasons (Ephesians 6:18).

John Wesley arose at four o’clock to pray. Martin Luther had to have three hours a day in prayer. The Bible makes it clear that you can pray at any time for God never sleeps, and His ear is ever open to your cry. The Bible teaches that there is public prayer, family prayer, and private prayer.

When Christ prayed in public, He was brief. When he was with the disciples, He prayed longer. When He prayed alone, He prayed all night. God help us to pray! If we are to survive, we must have spiritual revival! If we are to have spiritual revival, we must have more earnest, effectual praying!

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