How High Is Your Spiritual Enthusiasm Today?

A slip of the tongue leads to a spiritual insight. 

Posted in , Aug 14, 2019

Spiritual weather report

I rolled out of bed, out of the direct line of the fan, into a hug of humidity. Mugginess had descended overnight. I momentarily contemplated whether or not to have a hot cup of coffee—I couldn't make iced coffee because my teens hadn't refilled the ice trays—but knew my day would be foggy in more than one way without caffeine. Then I sat in my morning chair to welcome the day, turning on a fan to blow the moisture-filled air around.

My teens got up and ate and prepared to head off to their summer jobs. My husband Andrew wandered out to have his own coffee. Before leaving for work I pulled out my phone to check the weather report.

"It says 98% humility," I said glumly. There was a pause, then Andrew and I both caught my slip of the tongue at the same time.

"Hey, none of us have 98% humility!" he chortled. Then he added, "Wouldn't it be great if we had an app that could report on our spiritual state each day?"

"Yes!" I agreed, "It could say, 'Your spiritual enthusiasm is 75 degrees...though it feels like 87!'"

Laughing, we joked about cloudy skies and partly sunny days. Then I picked up my water bottle and headed to the door. On the way to work I grinned to myself, remembering the conversation. It provided a good question to ask myself each day: What is your spiritual weather report this morning?

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