How to Have Faith in the Midst of Fear

When God takes you far from your comfort zone, trust Him.

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When God takes you out of your comfort zone.

Several years ago, I was scheduled to be at an important event in Nashville, one that could have a major impact for the big dreams God’s placed on my heart.

To get there was a six-hour drive under the best of conditions, and this I-don’t-drive-in-the-snow gal was really stressing when the word “snow” appeared in our weather report.

I knew that part of my drive would lead me through the winding mountain roads of the gorge that sits between North Carolina and Tennessee. With numerous tractor-trailers, tight lanes and a concrete divider on that road, I always feel like I’m the filling on an Oreo cookie. I couldn’t imagine doing it in the snow.

It looked like I might make it before the storm hit. But that pipe dream burst the next morning as I heard that several inches of snow had fallen in a county not far from my travel route.

I prayed and asked God to give me peace about what to do. I knew I was supposed to go—but I was afraid. But I decided to make the drive.


Snow started falling before I reached the gorge, a mountainous area far from civilization. I had that “What was I thinking?” conversation with myself, but it was too late. Then began a heartfelt, “God, please get me out of this mess!”

Thankfully, traffic was light. I guess other folks had more sense that day. But the situation got bad quickly. Despite the defroster, snow started to cover the windshield. I turned the wiper handle—and then I realized I had a big problem. The wipers were frozen in place.

I panicked as more and more of the windshield turned white. I couldn’t pull off because I’d get stuck in the ice on the side of the road, and I sure didn’t want to get stranded there. 

By this time, there was only a small clearing on the windshield for me to see through. I knew I still had a way to go before I’d be through the gorge—and I knew that if that one place of visibility became covered, I’d be in big trouble.

Believe me when I tell you that I prayed my way through that day, claiming that verse from Psalm 56:3, “When I am afraid, I will trust in thee.”

I can’t tell you how relieved I was to mke it out of the gorge and on to the convention—where God had some divine appointments for me.

He stretched me out of my comfort zone that day. Way out of my comfort zone. But I learned two important things: He’s a trustworthy God, and when He calls you to do something, He will take care of the circumstances—even if it’s driving through a  gorge on a snowy day.

Does God want to lead you out of your comfort zone today? You can trust the One who has called you to the task.

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