Keeping Faith Going in Summer

Three spiritual memoirs that make great summer reads.

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Summer can be a time where we relax our spiritual routines a little and let things go. Maybe you attend church regularly during the year, but now you’re missing more days than you think you should. Perhaps you aren’t as involved in a volunteer activity that motivates and sustains you. Or possibly you’ve let your exercise routine go.

But summer is the ultimate Sabbath time. So in a way, it can be a chance to turn things down a notch, stop performing so much for others or God, and sit in the shadows (or the sun) a bit. It’s actually a very good time to reconnect with what you might be missing, discover your blind spots, and in ways you might not normally do so.

One of things many of us like to do during the summer is read, and read with a sense of leisure. Few things compare to sitting down and simply reading an absorbing book. There’s a certain quiet that settles on you. Your mind opens up with anticipation; it’s stimulating, and even brings with it a sense of possibility.

So here’s a list of three good spiritual memoirs I’d recommend to feed your spirit this summer. They’re nothing formal or difficult to get through. Nothing too ponderous, though certainly they have their profound moments. Just do some of this “spiritual reading,” and let it gracefully take the place of some of the activities you think you should be doing. Here they are:

A Table For TwoThe House Where the Hardest Things HappenedSame Kind of Different As Me

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