Keeping the Faith: Here Comes the Sun

Guideposts’ Vice President of Ministries shares how her spirits are lifted by the summer sun—and God’s light.

Posted in , Jun 23, 2022

Ty'Ann Brown, Guideposts' Vice President of Ministries

I can’t wait for the calendar to roll around to June 21. That’s the longest day of the year; in the Northeast, where I live, we get to experience God’s beautiful, bright sunshine until almost 9 P.M. It’s also the first day of summer. Hallelujah! After a long cold winter and the isolation of Covid, I am ready to burst forth into the world. My plans? I’m going to head to the beach, picnic in the park, take some trips—and find a comfortable sunny spot where I can read.

When George Harrison wrote, “I feel that ice is slowly melting” in the Beatles’ 1969 hit “Here Comes the Sun,” he was talking about finally emerging from a time of personal and professional turmoil. We all experience periods when we are lost and long for comfort and clarity—and for the sun to shine in our lives again.

It’s during the summer months that I’m reminded how grateful I am that on the fourth day God created the sun. To say “it was good”—what an understatement! The sun nourishes life on our planet; nothing would grow without it.

To keep growing spiritually, we need another source of light. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, “I am the Light of the World; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness.” It’s a simple yet profound statement. When you really grasp that Jesus is the exclusive source of spiritual light available to you—well, everything changes.

This summer, in addition to splashing around in the ocean and having fun in the sun, I’m going to bask in Jesus’ light. One way to do that: I’ll read his Word—maybe even at the beach.

I feel warmer just thinking about it.

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