Spiritual Growth Through Writing for Daily Guideposts

How a creative gift offers insights for the author and blessings for his readers.

Posted in , Oct 10, 2018

Writing for Daily Guideposts

Writing hasn’t always been my forte, so when I was asked to write a devotional for Daily Guideposts for the first time in 2005, I was honored and challenged by the task. Since then, it is something I look forward to doing each year.

Writing devotionals for Daily Guideposts allows me to share my story of faith, the struggles I’ve faced and the wisdom I’ve gained, with the hope that it helps others. I look at how the theme of each story will connect and resonate with readers. This process allows me to step back and re-live the experiences and lessons I’ve gained by looking through a writer’s lens. In doing so, I learn from these experiences and lessons all over again, sometimes gleaning new insights. Writing these devotionals is a lot like life—you never know what can happen.

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Each time I receive an email, greeting card or letter from a reader about how a particular devotional has touched their life, I feel blessed. And when a friend or family member sees that they have been mentioned, their expression fills me with joy. Helping others by encouraging them through my devotionals is a blessing. I don’t consider myself a writer, but someone who helps others grow in their faith as I grow in mine.    

Lord, thank You for the gifts You give us; help us to bless others with them.

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